Ho Tram, Saigon's beach paradise, Vietnam's hottest new destination

The InterContinental Grand Ho Tram, Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort, and Angsana Ho Tram are gearing up to extend a warm welcome to international tourists for the upcoming winter holiday season. Ho Tram, nestled along the southeast coast of Vietnam and only 100km from Ho Chi Minh City is a new tourist destination with enchanting beaches, inviting climate, and abundant recreational offerings. This gem beckons travellers to immerse themselves in a harmonious fusion of sun-drenched weather, breathtaking natural landscapes, and the vibrant cultural tapestry unique to South Vietnam.

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Ho Tram, Saigon’s Beach Paradise, Pristine Beaches and Protected Forests Combined with Perfect Weather

Indulgent Accommodations in Ho Tram’s Serene Setting

Ho Tram offers an array of luxury accommodations that perfectly complement its breathtaking natural landscape, presenting visitors with a lavish choice for immersive stays (InterContinental Grand Ho Tram, Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort, Angsana Ho Tram). Surrounded by natural wonders such as Binh Chau Hot Springs, Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, Minh Dam Mountain, Long Son Raft Valley, and four golf courses, the resorts boast thoughtfully designed suites and villas, each intricately crafted to echo the area’s natural allure.

Convenient and Cost-Saving Journey

For those prioritizing convenience and variety in their Vietnam journey, Ho Tram offers an itinerary full or experiences, with a single flight bridging two captivating destinations. Upon arrival in HCMC, spend 1-2 nights exploring the Vietnam’s largest city before embarking on a brief 2-hour car ride to Ho Tram, merely 100 km away. Indulge in Ho Tram’s resorts, beaches, and local culture for a few days before a hassle-free return to the HCMC airport. Whether the trip spans 4 or 8 days, this combined visit offers the blend of Vietnam’s big city culture and beach culture, saving valuable time and money.

Bask in the Sun During Winter Holiday

Ho Tram has great weather all year round, and from October through February, Ho Tram stands out as Vietnam’s most ideal destination with temperatures of around 24-28 Celsius with 20-25 days of sunshine per month. This compares to Da Nang’s much colder weather with only about 5-10 days of sunshine a month.  Ho Tram is rapidly becoming Vietnam’s haven for those seeking respite from the colder climates and a desire for sunshine and warm weather.

Metamorphosis and Scenic Splendour

Ho Tram, a fishing and agriculture village, has seen the completion of world-class 4–5-star beachfront resorts, restaurants, spas, golf courses, and night markets. Encircled by over 11,000 hectares of untouched, protected “Green Lung” forests and beaches, it offers a unique juxtaposition of serenity and Vietnam’s finest air quality, making it an exceptional destination.

Culinary Delights from Ocean to Table

Seafood lovers will delight in Ho Tram’s ultra fresh catch of the best seafood in Vietnam. Local fishing boats deliver their harvest directly to resort kitchens and restaurants daily. In addition to Vietnamese seafood cuisines, diners can enjoy Spanish, Italian, Chinese fare and more within the resorts’ restaurants. Local seafood markets further enrich the travellers’ culinary and cultural experience.

Luxury Retreats and World-Class Golf

Beyond the gastronomic delights, Ho Tram is a haven for golf enthusiasts with four courses, including the prestigious Bluffs, ranked among the world’s Top 100 and Asia’s finest. The city also boasts newly built spas, wellness centres, and a myriad of outdoor activities such as water sports, hiking trails, river boat cruises, and South Vietnam’s largest natural hot springs.

The Bluffs Golf Course Ho Tram by Greg Norman – Top 100 golf courses in the world


Beach and Entertainment

Ho Tram’s entertainment scene has flourished.  At the Grand, there are many options from golf and nightclubs to bars, food courts, theatres, game rooms, bowling alleys and even MMA events. The broader area complements this with night markets, beach activities, river tours, hiking trails, hot springs, water parks, horseback riding, cultural tours, and numerous other options, making Ho Tram a perfect choice for visitors valuing convenience and diverse travel experiences.

About Ho Tram

Nestled along the stunning coastline of Vietnam and 100 kilometres away to the southeast of Ho Chi Minh CityHo Tram is a serene and picturesque destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and relaxation with its pristine sandy beaches, lush green landscapes, and a tranquil ambiance.

Explore the undiscovered serenity of Ho Tram’s hidden gem, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in a tranquil coastal paradise and experience the rich of the local life.

SOURCE InterContinental Grand Ho Tram, Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort, Angsana Ho Tram

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