Explore Ho Tram's Luxury Beachfront Resorts

There are more than 30 hotels and resorts around the area, and the new 4-5 Star beach front resorts are world-class, since many were completed in the last 1 to 5 years. Many of the larger resorts have all the amenities on site offering guests the convenience of not having to leave the resort. The resorts are also very different, from vibrant and active to quite and nature focused; from modern to Indochine.

Inter Continental Grand Ho Tram
Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach
Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion
Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort
Angsana Ho Tram
Dhawa Ho Tram
Carmelina Beach Resort
Le Palmier Ho Tram
Ho Tram Beach Boutique Resort & Spa
Vietsovpetro Resort Ho Tram

Indulging in Culinary Delights

You will find a plethora of upscale restaurants that are always ready to provide exceptional service


Golf Experience

Ho Tram is a great golf destination because of the great weather all year round. During the months of September to February (the winter season), Ho Tram provides the perfect weather play golf and enjoy endless days of warm sunshine in a beach front environment.

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Events and Weddings

Ho Tram is perfect for company and banquets, company meetings, outdoor team building, beach front weddings and dinners.

Because Ho Tram is a two hour drive from Ho Chi Minh, you, your guests and colleagues can drive to Ho Tram and come back anytime without booking flights and spending half a day going to and from airports.

There are many conference centers and entertainment complexes, suited for those seeking a balance of work and entertainment, a must-visit destination for those seeking a luxurious and unforgettable Vietnam’s event tourism experience.

In addition to saving time, it can save up to 60%-70% of the total costs – because of the savings in time and in saving in expensive flights.


For International Guests​

Welcome to Vietnam’s newest beach destination, Ho Tram. With only 1 flight, you can come to Ho Chi Minh City to explore for 1 to 2 days then take a shuttle bus to come to Ho Tram for the beach, local culture and great sea food for a few days. Afterwards, you are conveniently driven back to the airport to take your flight back home. In as short as 4-5 days, and with only one flight into Ho Chi Minh you can explore and enjoy all the wonders of South Vietnam, saving you valuable time and money.
During the winter season, Ho Tram has the most comfortable and best weather in Vietnam at a comfortable 24-28 Celsius and 20-25 days of sunshine per month! So come to Ho Tram and enjoy the beach, the golf, the resorts, the forests and the perfect weather!

Have your own
Ho Tram estate

Ho Tram is Saigon’s Beach Paradise – a place for weekend homes and summer homes.

Ho Tram has been transformed from 2022-2023, with the completion of a number of world-class beach front resorts, condos and villas and with many amenities for both international tourists and people from Ho Chi Minh City.